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Book our private Morocco desert tours from Marrakech & Fes to get the benifit of staying in a Charming Riad at Dades Gorge & a night at a glamping Luxury Camp in the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

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These Morocco desert tours are available for the year 2023.

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A visit to the Moroccan Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a journey well worth the effort and you will have fond memories to last you forever.
Imagine yourself on a camel ride, trekking through the rolling orange Sahara desert of Erg Chebbi Dunes. There is nothing around you and all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel on the soft sand. The sky is vast and clear in the day and filled with millions of bright stars at night. It is a very peaceful experience, one raley known to most of the Western World.

Erg Chebbi camel tours                                             

Erg Chebbi

The dunes of Erg Chebbi near Merzouga is 30 miles (50km) south east of Erfoud and has the highest and most spectacular sand dunes in Morocco. These golden dunes dramatically 50m from the desert floor. They run in a line almost perfectly north/south to the village of Merzouga and beyond, and mark the western fringe of the Sahara Desert, dividing Morocco from Algeria, ONE of the must wurth visiting places while in Morocco, give it a go and include at least one night in the desert, tours are available from Marrakech, Fes and Merzouga.

Erg Chegaga camel tours                                             

Erg Chegaga

The dunes of Erg Chigaga (Erg Chegaga) near M’hamid is in the south of Morocco, over the Atlas Mountains and pass Zagora. Erg Chigaga is also part of the Sahara desert and more difficult to get to than Erg Chebbi. Only you can get there by 4×4 and our agency offer this morocco desert tour with guarantee.
Our tours are available from Marrakech and Fes.

Merzouga Marrakech Morocco – Desert Camel ride tours and Camel Treks

This ocean of pure Saharan sand, provides the back drop to an authentic Arabian adventure which involes a camel trek across the dunes of erg chebbi to a secluded oasis, where an authentic spicy Berber tagine is being prepared over an open fire by Bedouin tents.

We’ll have a chance to explore this magnificent desert landscape – if you’re feeling energetic you can climb the dunes for sunrise or sunset to watch the light and colour of the sands change. As the stars come out you can often hear the rhythmic beat of tribal drumming carried on the still night.

Camel trekking may not be the most comfortable means of travelling for some, but it is undoubtedly a ‘must’ for every traveller as a way to experience the mode of transport of the Berber nomads of the Sahara.

There are a number of possibilities of camel treks and Morocco Sahara desert tours offered by Camel Trekking, starting from a day’s outing to a two-week expedition. The best time of year for camel trekking is September to February, explore our Morocco Desert Tours camel treks in Merzouga and Erg Chebbi dunes.

Camel Trekking is run and organized by Omar. He can help organize your Morocco Sahara desert tour and trip to the desert and answer any question or concerns you might have. Please contact us



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Morocco car rental with driver                                             

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